Rumpus is a cinematic VR film made in collaboration with the BBC. It follows a modern-day Eurydice as she searches in London’s clubland underworld for Orpheus.

Visually decadent and thematically magical, the film’s imagery is counterpointed with a form of sonic voyeurism and ambiguity in sound-image synchresis. The over-hearing of intimate dialogue, the seemingly out-of-context sonic bytes caught in passing, the hyper-real details of sounds within noise. To experience the film you must enter into the unavoidable world of voyeurism which headset-viewing requires.

Angela is currently in residence at the Institut für Elektronische Musik, Graz. She has worked in studio, live and location environments, and maintains a commitment to field recording as part of the compositional process.

Her explorations centre around natural environments, non-human ontologies and micro-listening. She challenges notions of syncretism and realism, by foregrounding the aesthetic potential inherent in the medium.