MAT conrtibutions at the New Interfaces for Musical Expression conference 2020 (NIME 2020)

Authors Title Kind
Nick Bryan-Kinns, Zijin Li ReImagining: Cross-cultural Co-Creation of a Chinese Traditional Musical Instrument with Digital Technologies Full paper
Nick Bryan-Kinns, Zijin Li, Xioahua Sun On Digital Platforms and AI for Music in the UK and China Short paper
Jack Armitage, Shelly Knotts, Alex McLean Hybrid Live Coding Interfaces: performance and craft (this is now being hosted separately after NIME) Workshop
Jack Armitage, Laurel Pardue, Kuljit Bhamra Petrified Wood Performance
Andrew McPherson, Giacomo Lepri Beholden to our tools: negotiating with technology while sketching digital instruments. Full paper
Alberto Boem, Giovanni Maria Troiano, Giacomo Lepri, Victor Zappi. Non-Rigid Musical Interfaces: Exploring Practices, Takes, and Future Perspective Full paper
Giacomo Lepri, Andrew McPherson, Antonella Nonnis, Paul Stapleton, Kristina Andersen, Tom Mudd, John Bowers, Pete Bennett, Sam Topley Origianl Title: Play Make Believe: Exploring Design Fiction and Absurd Making for Critical NIME Design
Online version: 10.000 Instruments for a Semi-Connected World
Antonella Nonnis, Nick Bryan-Kinns Όλοι: music making to scaffold social playful activities and self-regulation Demo paper
Robert H Jack, Jacob Harrison, Andrew McPherson Digital Musical Instruments as Research Products Full paper
Jacob Harrison, Alex Lucas, Emma Frid and Joe Wright One Switch to Rule Them All – Hacking Access Switches and Exploring Issues in Inclusive Music Making Workshop
Lia Mice and Andrew McPherson From miming to NIMEing: the development of idiomatic gestural languages on large scale DMIs Full paper
Andrea Guidi, Fabio Morreale, Andrew McPherson Design for auditory imagery: altering instruments toexplore performer fluency Full Paper
Nicole Robson and Halldór Úlfarsson Dual/Duel/Duet/for/with/halldorophone Performance
Eleonora Oreggia and Clive Parini Rebus is not just a Theremin Demo
Nicole Robson, Olivia Bella, Laura Mitchison, Jack Wild and Rike Sadleir The Texture of Air Installation