SANDBOX (R)EVOLUTION showcases ten interactive installations that have evolved under the theme of new or pre-loved materials, repurposed as interfaces for manipulation of digital realms. It is a playground of innovative technology in which familiar materials such as wood, fabrics and magnets generate visceral experiences, blurring the boundaries between real and imaginary, hard and soft, fact and fiction.

The exhibition’s namesake, sandbox, is both a reference to the physical place where children create imaginary worlds and the digital sand- box used in software development to test new code. The sandbox is a place where ideas originate, where physical and digital materials are combined, shaped and repurposed.

We invite you to enter the exhibition to encounter obscure objects in a playful environment, perform peculiar sounds, and reflect on the Ars Electronica 2019 festival theme “Out of the box” from a place where alternative futures are possible.

The exhibiting artists are part of the EPSRC+AHRC Media and Arts Technology Centre for Doctoral Training at Queen Mary University of London, UK, which provides a bridge between academic research, digital technologies, and creative industries.